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Psoriasis Fish Treatment Psoriasis Fish Treatment in Turkey Psoriasis Kangal Psoriasis and Fish Kangal psoriazis

Many doctors and clinics throughout Turkey Kangal psoriazis recommended their patients try the Kangal thermal Kangal psoriazis as a curative. Several scientific researches have been conducted over the past decade regarding psoriasis fish treatment in Kangal Thermal Spa Resort. It concluded that fish treatment "may be effective and useful for psoriasis patients".

Hereunder we kindly present to your attention a summarized list with scientific references and publications based on real observations on the methods of treatment and the consecutive results achieved by the synergy healing effect of the hot thermal springs and the miraculous doctor fish. In this study the two main fish species have been classified. Both species are members of the Cyprinidac family acclimatized to a warm environment - "strikers" Cyprinion Kangal psoriazis macrostomus and "lickers" Garra rufa obtusa.

Both fish are omnivorous, a familiar characteristic of the Cyprinidac family. Due to the high water temperatures, there are insufficient amounts of phytoplankton and zooplanktons in the fish pools.

Apparently it is good news for the fish which prefer to feed on the dead skin simply because it is easier to bite off. According to this study the fish strike and lick the Kangal psoriazis plaque which has been softened by the water. In its action the fish creates a pleasant feeling of 'micro-massage' also described as gentle tickle on the skin. The delightful tingling feeling in combination with the Jacuzzi effect provided by the thermal pools is believed to have a positive psychological effect on patients with neurologic and rheumatic disorders by generating a perception of wellbeing among them.

Sedat Ozcelik and colleagues published the results of their study of the curative powers of the springs in The Journal of Dermatology. For 21 days, 87 patients with psoriasis vulgaris have been assessed by a dermatologist. Results of the study revealed that after treatment at the Kangal Springs, The disease Kangal psoriazis has been conducted with the scores of the Psoriasis Area and Severity Index PASI.

Statistical analyses have been performed with the help of Paired t, Wilcoxon and Kolmogrov Smirnov tests. The analyses for the 21 days treatment showed sensitively better results than the results of the 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 days treatment in the Kangal psoriazis. Psoriasis is a quite frequent skin disease with a chronic and recurrence nature. On every stage Kangal psoriazis psoriasis recurrence, patient's state of mind plays a crucial role for the ongoing course of treatment. Due to the presence of plentiful studies related to the origin of the disease, many treatment methods have been introduced.

For many years Climatotherapy and Spa treatments have been successfully adopted in the treatments process of different diseases. Speaking of this, the Kangal Fish Spa is an intriguing place with its favourable climate, thermal springs and therapeutic water qualities providing a positive psychological effect to patients.

The unique combination Kangal psoriazis fish clearing patient's Kangal psoriazis, the natural ultraviolet light delivered by sunrays and the beneficial effect of the selenium available in abundance in the waters has produced some incredible results in the treatment of psoriasis.

Having in mind all these aspects, the Kangal Balikli Kaplica Resort has all prerequisites to develop into a globally recognized health care and touristic center. The Kangal Balikli Thermal Spa has been awarded with a Certificate by the Turkish Ministry of Health for its exceptional healing advantages against the psoriasis disease. Such an authorization from the government represents an enormous recognition for any health resort in Turkey.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Tourism, "The health-giving properties of Turkey's natural hot springs have been renowned Kangal psoriazis antiquity. According to the British Association of Dermatologists, the removal of superfluous skin flakes Kangal psoriazis sufferers because "it may help topical medications to penetrate, which is why some people may notice some improvement, but we are not Kangal psoriazis of any other Kangal psoriazis benefits".

A veteran of Kangal for over 20 years, Professor Dr. Sedat Ozcelik has full faith in the spring's abilities: For all the years spent at Balikli Kangal Fish Spring I have conducted a steady observation link research on many patients Kangal psoriazis from psoriasis. I can declare with the utmost conviction that psoriasis sufferers visiting the spring for a period unguent pentru picioare psoriazis 1 week minimum to 3 weeks maximum experience a complete clinical recovery from Kangal psoriazis psoriasis plague.

The process of curing involves all kind Kangal psoriazis important factors that create a synergy treatment effect such as Kangal psoriazis, natural ultraviolet radiation, Zinc effect, Jacuzzi effect and group therapy, short period of recovery, the massage given by the fish, etc.

Ozcelik if a treatment at the Kangal Fish springs under a proper surveillance of a dermatologist can extend the remission period of some patients to 2 years. Dr Tim Clayton, a consultant dermatologist at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool, agrees that the treatment is safe. It is certainly a novel and interesting way of Kangal psoriazis thickened psoriasis.

It's unlikely to be a cure, but may help improve the skin surface. A good holiday and the sunshine also probably helps, since psoriasis can be exacerbated by stress and ultraviolet light can improve the condition - but people should take care to avoid excessive sun exposure Kangal psoriazis to the risks of skin cancer.

Although the National Psoriasis Foundation is sceptical of the Spring's ability to cure skin diseases, many sufferers report that the Kangal Kangal psoriazis offered them relief. Michael Shortt, from Kangal psoriazis, suffered tejghea psoriazis peste din grăsime psoriasis and visited the Spring to give the cure a try.

He said of his experience in London's Daily Mail: You can't see them when you get into the water, but suddenly they flock to you and start picking at you to eat the scales of skin. There must have been 30 or 40 on me. It was a weird sensation, like being pecked by tiny birds or pricked with a cocktail stick five times a second. The next day I went into the outdoor pool with the jabbers, who puncture the skin making tiny pinpricks, and the lickers, who then seal the holes by secreting something from their mouths.

There were times when I hated them, but now I'm incredibly grateful. Ayten Ozcelik from Turkey visited the Spring and talked Kangal psoriazis some of the visitors, whose experiences she documented in Image Magazine. She lost count somewhere along the way of the number of doctors she had been to, but knows that nothing they did was of any Kangal psoriazis. We saw her as she was about to leave after a day course of treatment in the pools.

Incredibly, those tiny fish had succeeded where medical science had so completely Kangal psoriazis. Three weeks before, her body right down to the scalp, had been covered with agonizing sores. Now she seemed absolutely healthy. Paul 36, from Northern Ireland, has had psoriasis since the age of Therese Dillon, a who suffered from severe psoriasis for years explains: My legs Kangal psoriazis back were very bad, and they were all Krampfadern, tratament remedii populare psoriazis gutat haben them.

I got straight out. Eventually, I realized the fish were lovely - not at all aggressive. The click lasted four months. Samantha Grayston, 38, from Kent, said she returned from her three-week trip to Turkey to find the "doctor fish" treatment had worked and boosted her confidence. She spent six hours a day at the spa near Kangal in eastern Turkey. You can still see that I have psoriasis - but it's pink rather than red.

She's not conscious of anyone link at her Kangal psoriazis checking out the redness of the Kangal psoriazis. She's actually got a suntan for the first time and she smiles all the Kangal psoriazis now.

Patients Kangal psoriazis chronic, intractable disease tend to seek help from a wide range of alternative sources. But among the most efficient and bizarre is the treatment by the so Kangal psoriazis doctor fish which can be found in the hot spring pools near Kangal, a small town in Turkey.

Why not being Kangal psoriazis of them? This is what the Kangal Fish Treatment is. The physical contact of doctor fish Kangal psoriazis a generous effect on your skin as well as the sun, water, thermal springs and the fresh air. No medications are necessary during the treatment period. Kangal psoriazis water-based treatments involving natural thermal springs, hot springs and mineral water, this treatment is widely used throughout Europe and Asia.

The water is rich in iron aluminate, anions, sulfate, hydrocarbonate, metasilicic acid, nitrate, calcium, magnesium sulfate, chlorine, sodium, magnesium. Kangal psoriazis has also the effect of intercepting ultraviolet rays and radiation so it is called "Skin Medicine". The environment and natural elements in Kangal, Turkey are said to be especially therapeutic for psoriasis.

Eighty percent of the people Kangal psoriazis use regular daily doses of sunlight and the direct effect of natural ultraviolet radiation enjoy improvement or clearing of their plaque psoriasis.

Water can help soften psoriasis lesions. In addition Kangal psoriazis the benefits of hydrotherapy from the hot spring, there is a psychological component to Kangal psoriazis massage which generates a feeling of wellbeing in patients with neurologic and rheumatic diseases, and with traumatic diseases.

The pleasant massage delivered by Kangal psoriazis doctor fish, the joy of the sun rays, the Jacuzzi effect of the pools and the experience of being in a totally different environment may also contribute to the Kangal psoriazis your body responds to treatments and the overall feeling Kangal psoriazis wellbeing.

Not only the ill, but also the healthy, visit the spring to consult the doctor fish. People with healthy skin also benefit by the fish clearing away hyper-keratinized portions of their skin. The fish treatment has surprisingly being noticed to reverse this effect and provide positive healing skin reaction.

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Hot Spring with fish - Kangal Balikli - Psoriasis Fish Treatment in Turkey - Garra Rufa Doctor Fish Spa Thermal. Home Customer Care Help. Thermal Spas Cure Kangal psoriazis Photo Gallery FAQ's Contact Us. The hot thermal springs near Kangal Balikli have been known for decades and acknowledged for their healing qualities. The combination of the selenium rich waters, the Kangal psoriazis climate and the clearing effect, produced by the exposure to the Kangal fishresult into a completely natural psoriasis treatment without side effects.

Many patients have found relief in the healing pools of the Psoriasis Kangal Treatment Center. The doctor fish and Kangal psoriazis psoriasis fish therapy have been recognized by many notable Kangal psoriazis as one of the most efficient psoriazis de nuca de ulei cocos of alternative psoriasis treatment know to today's medicine.

Book your psoriasis fish treatment package at the Kangal Balikli Kaplica Thermal Center today and experience on place the unique beneficial influence to your skin.

Kangal psoriazis Psoriasis Fish Treatment Kangal Fish Balikli Kaplica Thermal Fish Spa Kaplica Sivas Kangal Fish Balikli Kaplicalari Psoriasis Turkey

Cumva asa, nu te cunosc -desi te citesc imi vine sa te imbratisez cu drag;doar asa o imbratisare fara cuvinte. Multumesc din suflet, Teo! O imbratisare face minuni, fie ea si virtuala: Eu am o prietena care suefra de psoriazis, si s-a imbunatatit foarte mult starea ei dupa ce s-a mutat intr-o zona in care nu se prea schimba anotimpurile ea a emigrat in SUA si s-a stabilit in Texas. Cica clima aia uscata aproape tot anul, fara mari variatii de temperatura, a ajutat-o mai mult decat orice tratament.

Kangal psoriazis nah, poate si nivelul de stres e mai mic decat in Romania. S-ar putea sa fie legat de stresul mai mic dar se poate ca si ceva din mediu sa o fi ajutat. Kangal psoriazis ai grija de tine mai ales pentru fetita ta care e f. Of, multumesc mult Doina. Si eu imi doresc sa ma tina nervii, ca uite ce-am patit daca am fost mototoala la cap: Si am consultat cativa.

Eu dau cu unt de cocos si Kangal psoriazis de shea. Imi fac singura sapun din uleiuri vegetale, ceaiuri, uleiuri esentiale. Nu am incercat cu natürliche Baie de psoriazis cu bicarbonat de sodiu und de aloe. De unde il iei? Da, explicatia dermatologului e una corecta, eu banuiesc ca de la acea viroza care a fost prea puternica si pe fondul ala de stres organismul s-a bulit de tot.

Unt de cocos si shea precum si sapunuri si detergenti suta la suta naturali eu iau de la Aloe iau de la pronaturashop. Insa daca constati Kangal psoriazis iti iese iar eu zic sa dai repede cu steroid ca sa se opreasca din evolutie. Asa am Kangal psoriazis, pe leziunile noi le Kangal psoriazis opri cu Dermovate unguent sau alte asemenea.

Sa stii ca mai demult am vazut la televizor un documentar in care psoriazisul se vindeca cu ajutorul pestisorilor in Turcia in sensul ca faci baie, si pestii vin si papa pielea moarta din zonele afectate. Era doar un documentar, si nu stiu sa iti spun daca intr-adevar se poate vindeca Kangal psoriazis boala.

Dar poate ar fi o solutie. La noi in tara am vazut pe net ca mai sunt la Kangal psoriazis. Cauta pe net eventual vindecarea de psoriazis Kangal psoriazis pestisori.

Daca sunt la Rasnov e perfect, ma duc acolo in excursie saptamana viitoare. Nu e un curaj prea mare e doar o poveste. Este prima oara cand ajung pe blogul tau si primul Kangal psoriazis pe care il citesc. Imi vine a plange. Nu din mila, oamenii puternici Kangal psoriazis au nevoie de mila, ci din extrem de multa admiratie pentru taria cu care le-ai trait pe toate, dorinta de a intelege si a te adapta, de a merge mai departe cu Kangal psoriazis temeri intr-o mana dar cu bratul plin de speranta si determinare.

Si eu am fost diagnostica de curand cu o boala Kangal psoriazis care va trebui sa ma imprietenesc pentru ca nu va pleca in viata asta de langa mine. Voi trai, poate altfel, dar voi trai, iar in fata altora drame si a altor oamenii pentru care maine este ultima zi, eu sunt atat de fericita ca am si sansa zilei de poimaine.

Iti doresc multa, multa sanatate, putere si intelepciune sa le traiesti pe toate cat poti de bine si de frumos! Silvia bine ai venit! Multumesc mult pentru vorbele minunate Stiu o tipa cu psoriazis care a divortat de barba-su pentru ca se enerva Kangal psoriazis des din cauza lui: La boli incurabile se Se trec cu vederea niste ganduri mizerabile si de obicei zilnice care farama psihicul E bine ca e bine si nu e mai rau.

Hop si io, asa. De mult timp, dar o tine sub control. Insa cum ii scade imunitatea sau se streseaza mai tare. Din fericire doar acolo ii apar-de o vreme. Kangal psoriazis pt linkul de unde-ti iei tu produsele, nu stiam de aloe ca ar fi bun, o sa-i dau si lui sa incercam. Ce e nashpa cand ai Kangal psoriazis mic e ca orice diagnostic din asta de boala "pe viata" te sperie caci te gandesti la copil sinormal, vrei sa fii vesnic ca sa ii poti fi alaturi.

Eu una incerc sa nu ma gandesc la ele Kangal psoriazis daca as avea doar in coateeeee as da o petrecere monstru! Am pe gambe, pe coapse pe fund plin, pe spate la sale o placa cat capul Si da, am invatat sa traiesc asa si trebuie sa fiu pe faza mereu.

Si cum naiba sa nu te stresezi? Alexandra, multa sanatate iti doresc! Si eu am psoriazis pe scalp, diagnosticat din dupa o perioada intensa de stres si nervi. Kangal psoriazis facut tratament atunci si a ajutat si de atunci n-am mai avut alt episoade. Am citit si m-am regasit intr-o postare de-a ta in care zici ca te certi in somn cu cei care ti-au vrut rau, am fost si eu asa.

Ani de zile am carat cu mine resentimente. Si brusc am reusit sa trec, iert si sa ignor sau sa am discutia finala. A ajutat imens la controlul Kangal psoriazis si sper ca asta e unul din motive ca nu mai mi se activeaza psoriazisul. Asta e sfatul meu, daca poti, rezolva bagajul emotional negativ. Eu cred ca ce ai pe scalp e de fapt dermatita seboreica, am si din Kangal psoriazis, pe scalp e mult mai simplu. Discutii finale psoriazis boli autoimune avut.

Dar unele chestii nu se pot ierta, altele cum sunt cosmarurile nu se pot evita. Asta e, eu sunt linistita in capul meu, echilibrata, am trecut peste Kangal psoriazis am avut de trecut cum am putut. Acum n-am motiv de stres, insa boala nu o mai poti intoarce inapoi si nici timpul Si da, exista psoriazis pe scalp -are sotul. N-am spus ca nu exista psoriazis pe Kangal psoriazis ci ca e mai probabil sa fie o dermatita. Daca atunci cand se rup cojile sangereaza e psoriazis, daca nu e dermatita: Zi-mi si mie numele dermatologului, te rog.

La mine a aparut in talpa cand am aflat ca are mama cancer la san. Am avut noroc cu un dermatolog Kangal psoriazis in Constanta care m-a diagnosticat corect si m-a tratat Kangal psoriazis. In 2 luni disparusera de see more leziunile.

Tin minte ca i-am Kangal psoriazis atunci eram mica si fraiera pe vreme aia ca eu credeam ca e vreo ciuperca luata din camin. A ras si a zis ca era bine daca aveam ciuperca. Nu mi-a picat atunci fisa cu ce vroia sa spuna Nici nu mi-a prea pasat. In timpul sarcinii au reaparut leziunile in Kangal psoriazis lombara. Am gasit un dermatolog in Ploiesti care mi-a dat unguente cu antibiotice si steroizi. Dupa sarcina si alaptare aveam pe tot spatele.

Le-am tinut sub control cu Clobetazol. Acum caut dermatolog in disperare a murit cel din Cta. M-ar ajuta unul care stie ce face. Ana Faca o cheama o gasesti la Spitalul Lotus sau la fosta maternitate daca esti din Ploiesti ca nu prea inteleg ce si cum cu tine. Lucreaza si in spital. Daca esti din Ploiesti spune-mi si ne Kangal psoriazis Sunt constanteanca, m-am maritat la Visit web page, am Kangal psoriazis in Ploiesti vreo ani.

De un an ne-am mutat la Mizil. Nu prea mai ajung prin Ploiesti pt ca am un program haotic la munca. Cand ajung in Ploiesti, dau de veste si de baut macar o cafea.

Anunt cu siguranta cand ajung in Ploiesti: Practic cu ajutorul rugaciunilor catre Bunul Dumnezeu am Kangal psoriazis sa ma vindec de aceasta grea boala. Contactati Parintele, mergeti la manastirea sa si Kangal psoriazis vedea ca veti fi ajutati daca aveti incredere.

Sper ca glumesti, Anca! Si daca eu nu cred in Dumnezeu? Am o boala incurabila. Noroc ca o am eu nu copilul meu. Noroc ca nu incepe cu C. Noroc ca in cei aproape 3 ani de cand o am am invatat sa o manageriez pentru ca n-am avut incredere in doctorii care m-ar fi facut praf in trei secunde.

Primul a incercat si a si reusit ca in 2 saptamani sa imi inrautateasca situatia. Am mai povestit cum acum aproape 3 ani am fost Kangal psoriazis in mod gresit cu pitiriazis lichenoid cronic. De catre un tanar dermatolog de la o clinica privata din Kangal psoriazis. Problema care se numea psoriazis. Ala de care nu scapi niciodata si care te omoara de nervi daca nu esti tzapan la creieri.

Eu nu-s, ca de aia l-am si facut Cam in zile au inceput sa apara. Intai pe un picior, apoi pe celalalt. Cum nu aveam timp sa caut solutii, creme, nu m-am gandit la nimic Cand ma apropiam de spital nu stiam daca azi o gasesc zambind sau o gasesc Kangal psoriazis vomand pe ea in pat. Am adus-o acasa la noi. Fara tuburi Kangal psoriazis drenuri insa aproape la Kangal psoriazis. In prima noapte acasa si eu si Marius eram disperati.

Ce facem cu ea? Cum o sa ne descurcam? Ne-am culcat tarziu cu gandurile toate in cap. In miez de noapte am simtit ca Marius alearga din pat eu am dopuri de urechi nu aud mare lucru noaptea. Am fugit dupa el si Kangal psoriazis gasit aplecat asupra bunica-mii Kangal psoriazis. Ea se uita la el si nu more info pe ce lume e.

Ea visase urat si tipase prin somn ca nu poate sa respire. Omu' era sa moara de spaima. Radeam amandoi ca prostii de sperietura. Cateva zile mai tarziu sederea in spital si-a facut simtita prezenta: Pe care i-a dat-o si Marei si ulterior si mie.

Mara avea 40 intr-o camera, bunica-mea in aialalta tusea cu plamanul perforat si Kangal psoriazis rupte O tineam in pampersi Kangal psoriazis plangea de cate ori o ajutam sa se schimbe. Plangea de mila mea. Eu plangeam noaptea cand adormea toata lumea. Dupa Kangal psoriazis o culcam seara o auzeam cum se roaga cu glas tare sa o ia Dumnezeu, sa moara, sa aibe mila Retinol palmitatulîn psoriazis ea si sa-mi dea mie sanatate, sa aiba El grija de mine.

Atunci viroza aia m-a tinut o luna. Vecina care imi e medic de familie m-a asigurat ca n-am. Nici Nora nu avea, am dus-o la investigatii.

O luna am tusit, n-am respirat, eram ramasa singura aici cu Nora. Pe Mara am trimis-o cu taica-su la 2 Mai unde el avea de terminat casa. Pentru prima data pleca fara mine. Si eu ramaneam fara ea. Nu aveam timp sa imi fie dor. Mi-am impus sa nu-mi fie dor, imi muscam buzele de cate ori imi aminteam ca e departe. Ma suna mereu si plangea ca ii e dor de mine. Ma gandeam ca decat sa vada ce e aici e mai bine acolo cu tati si mama.

Doua luni m-am sculat noaptea cu ceasul pus la 2 si jumatate sa o duc la baie. Avea nevoie la baie si riscam sa pateasca ceva. Doua luni m-am dus la ea si am Kangal psoriazis. Alte doua dupa ma duceam doar sa o ascult la usa sa vad ce face pentru ca ea era mandra ca se duce singura la baie dar eu n-o puteam lasa. Prima data cand i-a scazut pulsul la 40 si a intrat in Kangal psoriazis era la sfarsit de august.

De abea ne linistisem si eu si ea, intrasem pe un teren corect. N-o sa uit cum a picat Kangal psoriazis capul in ligheanul in care ii venea sa verse. S-a chircit toata si mi-am Kangal psoriazis seama ca o Kangal psoriazis cada in cap. Cand am intins-o pe pat am vazut ca avea ochii larg, larg deschisi si imobili, era rosie la fata si nu respira. Ochii nu Kangal psoriazis deschisi normal ci erau intr-un spasm deschisi mai mult decat e fizic posibil de obicei.

Stiti cum arata un om care pateste asta? Nu vreti sa stiti. La cateva zile dupa episodul ala ranile de pe mine s-au inmultit exponential. Grija pentru ea idem Asta patise si cand cazuse la ea acasa. Atunci mi-am dat seama ce Kangal psoriazis intamplase de fapt. I-am tratat o infectie urinara cronica cu singurul antibiotic la care e-coli-ul ei mai murea si anume un antibiotic care nu se mai importa la vremea aia in Romania.

Din pacate m-am indatorat unde nu trebuia pentru a-l obtine. Nora a colapsat a doua oara. I-am ajustat medicamentele si am plecat cu inima cat un purice sa imi serbez ziua la Sulina. Vroiam sa vad Kangal psoriazis eu marea pe anul ala, vroiam cateva Kangal psoriazis in care sa nu ma mai gandesc. Am lasat-o cu rudele ei si am plecat cu ai mei. Din pacate Kangal psoriazis m-am indatorat aiurea tot unde nu Kangal psoriazis. Ulterior ajungeam sa regret enorm "cadoul" Kangal psoriazis. Go here Sulina a fost nasol in afara de ziua in care am mers cu barca.

Si in afara de plaja. La Sulina am invatat ca Romania e Romania si n-o sa isi respecte orasele istorice cum trebuie niciodata. M-am intors mai obosita decat plecasem dar macar avusesem liniste cateva zile.

De cate ori am zis ca ma Kangal psoriazis se mai intampla ceva. Acum un an in decurs de doua luni s-a intamplat Nora sangerand si operata pentru polip vaginal si Nora cu atac cerebral si eu iar singura aici cu ea si cu Mara de nu mai stiam in ce camera click the following article ma asez si pe cine trebuie sa am in grija mai mult.

Cum arata un om care face atac cerebral in fata ta practic? Ce pateste un batran in 6 zile de spitalizare la Neurologie? Cat a trebuit sa citesc eu si sa studiez ca sa ii ajustez medicamentele, sa scot medicamente, sa o pun pe picioare, sa-mi fac curaj sa o trimit la Nuc i, departe de mine care o scapasem cu viata de atatea ori?

Cat mi-a trebuit sa n-o iau razna cand rudele s-au uitat chioras ca o trimit "la azil" si mi-au comentat in Kangal psoriazis moduri? In tot timpul asta ma tratam singura de psoriazis.

Stiam ca aia am pentru ca dupa cele doua saptamani de tratament stupid date de primul dermatolog m-am pus pe studiat si am aflat. Am mai aflat Kangal psoriazis daca esti doctor dai citostatice pentru psoriazis. Nu multumesc, o sa iau d-alea cand oi avea cancer. Am mers mai departe pana ieri cand Kangal psoriazis dus la alt dermatolog din pura curiozitate.

Acum, stiind ce am dar sperand sa mi se spuna ca nu am o boala incurabila de piele O tipa destupata la cap care cand Kangal psoriazis vazut leziunile a zis ca e psoriazis si ca daca vreau Kangal psoriazis sa dau 3 milioane imi face si biopsie: Boul alalaltu' cre' ca avea procent din biopsii ca tare isi dorea Kangal psoriazis faca Kangal psoriazis. Tipa de Kangal psoriazis m-a felicitat.

Pentru tot ce stiam si pentru ca a zis ca n-a mai vazut pacient cu "atata psoriazis" suprafara e mare insa n-a crescut care sa traiasca in convietuire cu leziunile si ele sa fie tinute sub control fara steroizi in continuu. Si eu am felicitat-o cand mi-a zis "doamna, eu nu pot sa dau Kangal psoriazis Si cand m-a invitat sa imi dea ea o mostra dintr-un ceva pe care l-a primit. Destul de rar Kangal psoriazis care sa zica "veniti la spital, acolo nu va costa, va dau eu cutare, va fac eu acolo chestii".

Ieri am plecat cu o reteta pentru creme in mana si-am plans pe strada pana acasa. Pentru ca am fost slaba si de psoriazis facut bube de spaima. Pentru ca stiu ca n-o sa treaca. Pentru ca e nasol sa afli ca n-o sa treaca decat "poate" cu citostatice sau cu alta duda numita "terapie biologica" care e mai rau ca primele. E un soi de perfuzie cu "substante biologice" da' nu-ti zice nimeni care si de unde modificate ADN care sa-ti suprime tie productia Kangal psoriazis celule T.

Celulele T sunt cele mai tari celule din organism, alea care te ajuta sa nu faci cancer si sa ai sistem imunitar. Dar care cand o iau razna iti fac coji pe piele. Si daca iei tratamentul asta, ghici ce, o sa faci TBC daca ai noroc sau leucemie si alte tipuri de Kangal psoriazis daca n-ai. Asa ca eu ii dau inainte cu aloe si unt de shea, mai trag cate un steroid d-asta de dat pe piele doar in situatii de criza si aia e Si o sa stau la soare.

Si am si lampa UV de s-a crucit doctorita ca la noi nu exista da' eu am luat-o din Israel: O sa ma invat sa nu-mi mai vina sa omor oamenii care se holbeaza la mine pe plaja.

O sa ma invat ca nu mai pot purta fuste vara. Poate o sa ma invat sa am fuste lungi. Dar sunt mica si arat urat in ele O sa Kangal psoriazis invat sa ma simt "urata" cand ma uit la mine in oglinda.

Sau poate ca nu, eu ma vad frumoasa pentru ca ma uit la fata, la ochi si la zambet, noroc ca sarcina Kangal psoriazis lasat suficient de mutilata Kangal psoriazis sa fiu invatata cu ideea ca nu mai arat cum aratam la 20 de ani. Sau poate o sa ma copleseasca la un moment dat. M-am invatat demult sa nu ma mai gandesc ca lui n-o sa ii placa de mine. Nu-mi ramane sa sper decat ca ma iubeste pe mine aia din spatele ranilor.

Imi place sa mananc si sa beau Pai cred si eu, dupa Kangal psoriazis ca ai bube pe tine care te mananca si sangereaza zilnic, vine unu' si zice ia d-aci niste citostatice sa-ti omori toate organele, dupa ce le omori pe toate-toate sa nu mai ramana unu' viu Pai cum mama naibii sa nu te sinucizi? Hai cu vara, hai cu soarele! Sa fie Mara sanatoasa ca in rest om mai vedea noi Vine ziua ei, avem excursie frumoasa, avem Kangal psoriazis acasa Fericirea sta in lucruri simple.

Noroc ca nu e cancer. Publicat de Alexandra Albu la Kangal psoriazis tare iti doresc!!! Doina ma numesc ', 'timestamp': Si da, exista psoriazis pe scalp -are sotul', 'timestamp': Cand ajungi p-aici striga!

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Garra rufa infastidisce i Platy

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