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Existen diferentes técnicas de fototerapia para la psoriasis, la que mejor funciona es con rayos UVB pero también se puede hacer con UVA.

Paronychia, commonly known as bacterial nail infection, is inflammation of the region of the finger or toe from Pedicure in psoriazis the nail plate Pedicure in psoriazis, which is called the proximal nail fold Pedicure in psoriazis. Psoriazisul dominant sau inflammation may occur in the short term acute or may be a long-term problem or one that keeps coming back chronic.

Acute paronychia develops along a break in the skin Pedicure in psoriazis is usually seen at the side of the nail. This type of nail infection is often caused by a bacterial infection but may also be caused by herpes, a type of viral infection. Chronic paronychia occurs most often in people whose hands are constantly or often exposed to moisture.

This disorder often results from contact dermatitis, a type of skin inflammation caused article source exposure to Pedicure in psoriazis that are irritating to the skin. People with chronic paronychia may have periodic, painful flare-ups.

This type of nail infection ce să facă de Pedicure in psoriazis complicated by the addition of a fungal infection, commonly due to a type of yeast called Candidaor bacterial infection, and this may lead to abnormal nail growth.

Acute paronychia may occur at any age but is particularly common in children. Viral paronychia occurs more often in adults and may be seen with genital herpes infection or in people who work in the health care industry. Chronic paronychia is most common in adult women and those who work in places where their hands are kept moist, such as food handlers. Bacterial nail infection most often affects the proximal nail fold of the fingers and less commonly affects the toes.

The proximal nail fold is red, swollen, painful, and may contain continue reading. Usually one nail is affected. The proximal nail fold is swollen, red, and has no cuticle the strip of hardened skin at the base and sides of a fingernail or toenail. One or more nails may be affected. Try soaking the nails in warm water for acute paronychia. Avoid water and chemical exposure to prevent symptoms of chronic paronychia.

For acute paronychia, your doctor may: Puncture and drain the affected area and test for bacteria or viral infection. Prescribe antibiotics for a bacterial infection or an antiviral medication for a herpes infection. For chronic paronychia, your doctor may: Prescribe a topical steroid. Prescribe a topical Pedicure in psoriazis medication. Prescribe an oral antifungal medicine or antibiotics. Fitzpatrick's Dermatology in General Medicine.

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Nail Infection, Bacterial Paronychia 34 Information for Adults Child Infant Table of Contents Overview Who's at Pedicure in psoriazis Signs and Symptoms Self-Care Guidelines When to Seek Medical Care Treatments Your Provider May Prescribe Trusted Links References.

Table of Contents Overview Who's at Risk Signs visit web page Symptoms Self-Care Guidelines When to Seek Medical Care Treatments Your Provider May Prescribe Trusted Links References. Nail Diseases Clinical Information and Differential Diagnosis of Paronychia. Share this Page Share on Facebook Pedicure in psoriazis on Twitter Share by Email. About Us Terms of Use Contact Us.

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